5 Quick Tips for a Stellar Text Strategy

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With cell phones in the pocket of nearly every American over the age of 18, text message marketing is one of the easiest ways to reach your customers.  With these Five Tips for a Stellar SMS Marketing Strategy, you’ll be ready to slay the competition.


Serve the Customer - Customers are likely to opt in if they get something in return.  Offer your customers a free drink, 50% off their next visit, a loyalty program, or the promise of first dibs on new products. They’ll quickly become brand loyal when they know you have their back.

Consistency is Key - Customers want to hear from you.  Strike a balance between flooding their inbox and routinely sending out updates.  Can you offer a special deal every Friday or on Tuesday’s release a dish just for your text club members?

Define Your Goals - What are you wanting to accomplish that a text strategy can help with?  For some businesses this means increased traffic through the front door and for others it’s boosting sales on a particular day.  Some companies simply want to build brand awareness.  Once you define your goals you can craft a strategy to match.

Unify your Message - Most businesses are using more than one marketing tool.  Between email, social media, and traditional print advertising, it’s easy to lose focus. Use texting as a unifying medium.  Post your keyword on social media, on signage in store, and in your email newsletters.  This helps create consistency across your brand.

Utilize a Call to Action - In everything you send out, include a way for the consumer to engage with your brand.  It may not always involve buying a product. Sometimes sending out a challenge to post on Instagram with a particular hashtag will do leaps and bounds more than begging them for money.

If you’re interested in learning how to incorporate text messaging into your marketing strategy, contact Reachmodo at 1.800.651.9359 or by email at support@reachmodo.com.

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