Mobile Phones Essential to Reaching Millennials

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Marketing-to-Millennials-in-2014Is your business trying to reach millennial consumers, the coveted 18-31 year old demographic? If so, you know it’s extremely hard, as these consumers are mobile, smart and extremely savvy.

“My advice when trying to reach any demographic of consumers is to communicate with them on the channels they use most, as getting a consumer to switch channels just to listen to your brand’s message is near impossible,” says Matthew Ennis, Founder & President of Reachmodo. “Recently Ipsos conducted a survey asking millennials (aged 18-31) which of the following items would be worse to go without for two days; mobile phone, wallet, house key and car key. I think the results of the survey are pretty telling, and definitely should be of interest to marketers looking to reach the millennial demographic.”


Asking Millennials: What Can You Live Without for Two Days?

As you can see in the chart below, 42% of millennials chose their mobile phone as the one item they thought would be the worst to go without for two days, with females at 46% and males at 39%. Next came the wallet at 26%, then the house keys at 17%, and very last the car keys at 15%.

“If someone doesn’t have their wallet, they most likely can’t buy anything, if they don’t have their house keys, they can’t get into their house and if they don’t have their car keys, they can’t go anywhere. From the results of this survey, all of these things (which I deem pretty important in my life), don’t even compare to the importance of not having a mobile phone for these millennials. Crazy!”

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