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Learn from your own audience with our multi-channel voting capabilities! Hold an interactive poll via mobile phone and Facebook to get widespread audience coverage and instantaneous responses. With real time reporting, you can view voting results within seconds.

Combine innovative and fun Facebook voting with the instant and engaging mobile voting capabilities! Expand your reach to a wider audience, get more people engaged, and gain even more valuable feedback.

Combine mobile and Facebook voting into one all-inclusive campaign.

Run the same poll question on two different channels.

Reporting allows you to view mobile poll results, Facebook poll results, and the combined results at once.




Mobilize voting with a simple mobile keyword! With a simple text message, your audience can participate in an innovative mobile poll that is both engaging for your audience and rewarding for your business. Automatically collect contacts with each vote, while gaining valuable audience feedback.

Each voting option is segmented into its own distribution list for future
targeted campaigns.

Both conventional feature phones and smartphones can participate
in mobile voting.

Each mobile vote is tallied only once for accurate polling.




Reachmodo has enhanced Facebook’s voting capabilities, adding functions to help you run an effective and successful marketing campaign. Millions of people browse Facebook every day, so take advantage of the vast online community by integrating Facebook’s voting capabilities into your campaign.

Unlike regular Facebook polls, you may now specify a beginning and end time to voting campaigns.

Each vote gives your business visibility, putting your business on your Fans’
news feed.

Rapidly expand your fan base with the addition of this interactive and fun feature.



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