Want to reduce your marketing costs and increase donor and volunteer engagement? Text message marketing is the perfect solution to help nonprofits reach goals and generate more attention and resources for your cause. Whether you are conducting a special event fundraising campaign or raising public awareness for a particular cause, Reachmodo’s All-In-One Marketing Solution give you a fast, efficient and affordable way to get the word out.



Not only is text message marketing less expensive than many of the alternatives, it allows your organization to foster the one-on-one relationships that are necessary to boost donations, volunteerism, and support. Subscribers to your distribution list have already demonstrated an interest in what you are doing, so they will likely be more receptive to receiving updates on fundraising efforts.



Non-profits can use text message marketing to build awareness of any events that the organization is planning to hold. Not only can the technology be used for events, it can be used to announce contests, public meetings, fundraisers, staffing changes, milestones, and more. A steady drip of information presents opportunities for developing a continuous and sustainable awareness campaign via mobile marketing, email and social media.



If your non-profit is like many others, without volunteers your organization would grind to a halt. You can drive volunteerism within your organization by sending occasional reminders that you are looking for help. Or, you can develop a culture of “flash volunteerism” by requesting aid from your supporters for short-term projects.


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