What is corporate culture? Corporate culture is an attitude, a feeling, an impression. The culture of a company gives employees and customers a general understanding of the type of experience one might expect when interacting with that company. If the culture of an organization is one of complacency, and mediocrity, the interaction might be an average, or below average experience. If the culture is one of excellence, commitment, honesty and integrity, the experience will likely be entirely different. The culture at Reachmodo will always be the latter of the two.

Preserving a corporate culture becomes difficult as a company grows. As more and more people are introduced into the company, the culture will naturally tend to become watered down. The challenge for all Reachmodo’s leaders and employees is to prevent the dilution of the culture by continually reiterating our values and ethics to new and existing employees. As the company grows and the management team grows, the Reachmodo message will need to be pushed to all the members of the group, starting from the top and filtering down to every employee, regardless of his or her title and position. To accomplish this, the message must be clear, concise, and completely understood by the management team and all employees.

Reachmodo provides an innovative web-based marketing platform that enables businesses and organizations in every industry to communicate with their audiences via text message, email, social media, and voice broadcast from one, easy-to-use portal. Reachmodo is based in Springfield, Missouri and serves clients both nationally and globally.

To make the world a better place by building and maintaining quality relationships. This begins with our team, extends to our clients and transcends to their audiences.

To provide innovative and easy-to-use communication and marketing resources that empower and enable deeper, more personal relationships between our clients and their audiences.

Reachmodo means Reach Now. Modo is the Latin word for now. Never has it been more difficult to win the attention of consumers and constituents. The Reachmodo platform enables businesses and organizations to instantly win the attention of their intended audiences.

We are honest and accurate in all dealings with customers and each other.This applies to those who sell our products and services and those who implement them. There is no “spinning” or “massaging” of information. If a mistake is made, we will admit it, and correct it, even if it has a significant direct cost to the company.

We follow up. We follow up with customers, other employees, management, and ourselves. We don’t assume that everyone does exactly what they are supposed to do every time. If we ask someone to do something for a customer, we follow up with them to make sure it was done satisfactorily. And then we follow up with the customer to make sure they perceive it as being done. We recognize that lack of follow up can kill a relationship.

We are experts at what we do. We get to know the customer’s business almost as well as they do. We don’t take chances or risks with our customers’ business. We know our systems and the technologies they employ. We are not “hacks,” and we don’t jeopardize our customers’ businesses by consistently working outside our comfort zone. We call on help from peers when it is needed.

We are proactive. We don’t wait for someone to tell us they have an issue. We constantly solicit feedback from our customers so that we are never surprised by a bad report. We manage projects by walking around, not sitting around.

We finish what we start. At the project level, we tie up every last detail on every last task. At the task level, we complete each task to its final end. We do not leave things “hanging.” When we finish something, we finish it completely.

We work hard. We understand that our customers trust us, and rely on us to do things they cannot do themselves, and that they pay a premium for our service. We will always do what is necessary to make sure we deliver what we say we will deliver.


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