Reachmodo Announces Introductory Marketing Automation Feature, Smart Filters

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Smart Filters allow businesses to intelligently market to their customer base, improving customer relationships, retention rates, and response rates – all automatically.

Springfield, MO — October 30, 2013

Reachmodo, a new multi-channel marketing and messaging solution provider, today announced the debut of Marketing Automation capabilities with Smart Filters, a new development designed to refine communication between businesses or organizations and their audiences. Smart Filters is a powerful tool that automatically narrows down recipients for messages based on demographics, past interactions, and interests.

The ambition of Smart Filters is relevancy. Mass communication may not be relevant nor interesting to every recipient. With Smart Filters, businesses and organizations can target specific groups of message recipients by turning on a set of rules or “Filters.” This reduces the clutter in customers’ inboxes, which in turn, reduces the likelihood of a business’ messages getting deleted or ignored. Recipients will be more likely to respond positively to messages that are tailored specifically for them.

“Smart Filters is an exciting addition to our powerful multi-channel communication platform,” said Matthew Ennis, President & CEO of Reachmodo. “Our customers will benefit from improved response rate and maximized retention by fine-tuning their messaging and marketing campaigns. No other marketing software offers a solution that integrates mobile text, email, voice, chat, and social media with dynamic marketing features and the power of marketing automation. This unique combination puts Reachmodo at the forefront and redefines how marketing automation is executed.”

About Reachmodo
Reachmodo provides an innovative web-based multi-channel marketing platform, committed to helping businesses grow and stay well-connected with their customer base. Reachmodo integrates mobile text, email, voice broadcast, instant message, and social media with marketing automation to give businesses and organizations greater reach, greater responses, and greater results. Learn more about Reachmodo online at