In the entertainment business, it’s all about drawing a crowd, and what better way to do that than with text message marketing. Reachmodo offers businesses in the entertainment industry, from concert venues to nightclubs, the ability to reach your customers where they are! Why just send an text message or email? With our All-In-One Marketing solution, you can reach you customers via text, email and social…all for what you would normally pay for email marketing alone! When it comes to packing a house, nothing comes close to the power of text message marketing!



Has your entertainment venue booked a major act or special event? Don’t wait for your customers to come to you in order to find out about it. You can deliver the information directly to their mobile devices, email and social media…all from the same place!



Using text message marketing, you can reach out to customers who have already demonstrated an active interest in events held at your venue. Keep them coming back for more…encourage attendees to opt into your text message list by advertising your short code during events at your venue.



Is the show just an hour away and you still have tickets available? A well-timed offer via text message may just be the ticket (pun intended) for filling your seats. Text message marketing is really the only way you can reliably reach customers, where they are, in real time for just pennies per message.


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